Fillings are used to restore decayed or missing tooth structure. If decay and fractures are caught early on fillings are the simplest treatment that can help restore tooth function and halt further decay or deterioration of a tooth. Routine exams must be done every six months in order to ensure any decayed, fractured, or cracked teeth are found at early stages.  

Signs that you might need a filling:

  • Sensitivity to hold or cold
  • Sensitivity to sweets
  • Pain on chewing
  • Missing tooth structure
  • A crack on your tooth

Filling Material:

The filling material that is most commonly used at Hermosa Dental us composite resin, in other words tooth colored material. This type of filling material allows us to maintain to match the tooth color and restore the tooth without it being obvious that anything was done. Composite fillings are known as the most esthetically pleasing fillings offered today.

Advantages of Composite fillings:

  • Not made of metal therefore will not cause discoloration of the tooth or be obvious that the tooth has been restored
  • Allow the dentist to more accurately replicate the missing tooth structure
  • They are bonded to the existing tooth structure, decreasing the chance of the material from breaking
  • Allow for conservative tooth preparations 

Patient experience

If your dentist at Hermosa dental believes that a filling is the best option for you a discussion will be had about the type of material recommended. Once the material is agreed upon and a treatment plan is signed, treatment can be done the same day.