Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is great option for those that are interested in making their smile more esthetically pleasing. It creates a whiter and brighter smile by enhancing the color of your enamel. If you are a patient that is interested in cosmetics or just want to know more about professional whitening ask your dentist at Hermosa Dental.

Whitening may be an option for you if you have:

  • Staining due to medications
  • Staining from any colored beverages
  • Staining accumulated over time
  • Fluorosis

Types of whitening:

Today there are several different ways to whiten and various whitening products on the market. If you and your dentist decide that whitening is a good option for you, you will discuss the type of whitening that will be the most suitable for your case. It is important to remember, that although over-the-counter whitening products are available these products are not as effective as those provided to you by your dentist or whitening completed in office. Dentist provided whitening will offer you faster and greater results when compared to over-the-counter.

In office whitening

After a thorough exam of your gums, bone levels, and exiting tooth structure your dentist will help to determine if in office whitening is the right option for you. If the treatment is agreed upon, same day whitening is offered at Hermosa Dental. The process will include:

  • Apply tooth whitening gel to the front surface of every tooth
  • Penetrate your teeth with a special light for 15-20 minutes at a time for about 45 minutes

At home whitening

At home whitening is also a great option for those interested in whitening because it is easy to use and can be done on your own time. Hermosa dental will provide you with customized whitening trays and whitening gel. The trays can be filled with a minimal amount of whitening gel on each surface and worn for about 4-8 hours. Typically patients choose to wear there trays at night but they are clear trays and cane essentially be worn at any time throughout the day. If you and your dentist agree upon at home whitening the process will include:

  • Making a mold of your teeth
  • Fabricating a two whitening trays (one for your upper teeth and one for your lower teeth)
  • Providing you with the dentist prescribed whitening gel and instructions on how to whiten at home.